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"A Lil Shot of Somethin!"

Our Travel Kits includes 5 mini shots! Each 1.75ml shot represents a different region of the United States!



-Northern Hennessy Sour- Its Cold up North! Hennessy has and will always be the perfect way to keep warm! This Cognac blended with our handcrafted sweet and sour recipe, has a winter spirit that brings an exotic touch to the dark cold months of the NORTHERN part of the United States!


 -Southern Peach Joe Whiskey- The Southern Peach Joe whiskey shot represents every aspect of the South from the Georgia peaches to the Tennessee Whiskey! This shot is blended so smooth that you may want to just sip it and enjoy as you reminisce on a SOUTHERN hot day! 


-Eastern Apple Tini Rita- The Apple Tini Rita is not your average Margarita!! This must try try Packs the flavors of your classic Apple Martini in Margarita! A must when traveling anywhere. This cocktail is a very popular staple in “The BIG APPLE” , New York City! Apple orchards also are a very popular part of life throughout the east coast, and for this reason, this Tequila blended specially handcrafted Apple Tini Rita shot, represents the EAST COAST! 


 -Western Vodka Lemon Drop- Lemons largely represent the West coast with California being the land of Lemons, bringing us natures best! Pairing lemons with the perfect blend of vodka and handcrafted sweet syrup creates the perfect WEST COAST shot!


 -Midwest Hibiscus Lemon Rum Punch- Although the Hibiscus is a tropical flower, this shot was inspired by the Hardy Hibiscus flower that grows in the Midwest gardens, returning every spring to bloom. Pairing this lovely flavor with Jamaican rum is the perfect combo to represent the MIDWEST, where the annual Midwest Rum festival is held!

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